Ciel's Room


Name: Ciel

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Volks New Makeup Mimi

Likes: Tea, knitting, online shopping

Dislikes: Social events, telemarketers

Background: Ciel has been a member of Fuuka's household since the winter day she was found unconscious in her garden. She has the ability to predict future events but seldom reveals what she knows. A grave and mysterious beauty with no discernable sense of humor, she appears cold and aloof but surprises people with her steadfast loyalty to Fuuka and her family. 



Comments: Finally, I managed to land a Mimi! ^_^ Her default makeup was pretty bad. I did her face-up with Volks pastels and Liquitex paints. Those lovely eyes are Antique Rose eyes in Fluorite.     

I was afraid I wouldn't do a good job repainting her. Her look is partially inspired by the Volks auction SD Claudia. Mimi has a cute head mold, doesn't she? ^_^



Leene's Comments: Her gaze is cold as ice...but she has white hair, so how bad can she be? ^_^


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