Jun's Room


Name: Jun

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Volks MSD Ken (semi-assembled kit)

Likes: Flowers, sunny days, cocoa

Dislikes: Going to bed early, being questioned

Background:Jun is an inquisitive young boy Maya found wandering around in the street as she was on her way to school one day. He claims to have no family and not even a name. Maya decided to call him "Jun" after a beloved pet dog she had years ago. Jun lives with Fuuka's family in spite of efforts to find him a more suitable home. He is generally cheerful and precocious, but is troubled by a message he is meant to deliver to someone. If only he could remember what it is!



Comments: I hadn't planned on getting this little one right away, but after I started pining for every cute and expensive boy out there I decided it was time to bring him home! ^o^     

His default paint actually wasn't that bad. Just the same, I felt that he needed a little more color and repainted him within a week. I wanted to make him look a little like Emilio with the dark under-eye liner, because it makes the glass eyes stand out nicely. I prolly could have done a better job blushing him, but hey, I'm still learning!

He's wearing Saffron's 16mm Antique Rose sakura eyes, and a boy-style pearl white wig. I'd better make him some clothes right away, before the authorities try to take him!



Leene's Comments: Another white-haired one? O_O


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